Understanding the Future of Tourism: Smart Tourism, Readiness and Solutions Congress

Cappadocia University (Turkey), June 25-27, 2021

Confirmed Keynote Speakers:  

·        Professor Orhan İÇÖZ, PhD (Yaşar University, Turkey)

"Cappadocia University" and "Journal of Tourism Intelligence and Smartness" are delighted to be hosting the congress on “Understanding the Future of Tourism: Smart Tourism, Readiness and Solutions Congress”

 “Smart Tourism” is an important component of a smart city. Tourism is one of the major components of economic growth for communities worldwide. A key requirement of tourism has been to attract more and more tourists from different parts of the world. Smart tourism refers to the application of information and communication technologies, as in smart cities, in order to develop innovative tools and approaches to improve tourism. Smart tourism is reliant on core technologies such as ICT, mobile communication, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. It supports integrated efforts at a destination to find innovative ways to collect and use data derived from physical infrastructure, social connectedness and organizational sources, and users in combination with advanced technologies to increase efficiency, sustainability, experiences.

The information and communication technology tools used for smart tourism include Internet of Things (IoT), mobile communication, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. It combines physical, informational, social, and commercial infrastructure of tourism with such tools to provide smart tourism opportunities. The principles of smart tourism lie at enhancing tourism experiences, improving the efficiency of resource management, and maximizing destination competitiveness with an emphasis on sustainable aspects. It should also gather and distribute information to facilitate efficient allocation of tourism resources and integrate tourism supplies at micro and macro levels, thereby ensuring that the benefits are well distributed. 

This congress will inquire into the role of Smart Tourism in impacting how the future of tourism will be shaped and will provide a platform to discuss the topic of “Smart Tourism, Readiness and Solutions”.

Possible topics include, but are by no means restricted to, the following:

·        Digital Social Innovation in tourism

·        eEcotourism

·        eGastronomy

·        Emerging technologies, Mobile Services, Gaming, Gamification and Augmented Reality in Tourism

·        eMuseums

·        eTour Guides

·        ICTs Adoption for Regional Development, Sustainability and Tourism Experience

·        Internet of Things, Big Data, Analytics in tourism

·        Location-based Services, Internet of Things in Tourism and Smart Cities

·        Smart Cities and smart tourism

·        Smart Destinations

·        Smart Local Governance, Citizen Participation & Communitarian Development in tourism

·        Smart region technologies and Open Innovation in tourism

·        Smart Territories – Comparative City-coastal/mountain Regions in tourism

·        Smart Tourism, Smart Travel, Smart hospitality

·        Social media, Social Networking and ICTs for Partnership and Collaboration in Tourism

·        Technology in Gastronomy

·        New Generation Technologies in Tourism

·        Other technological issues about tourism

The official languages of the congress are Turkish and English. Each panel will be allotted 60 minutes for presentation and 20 minutes for discussion. Proposals for both individual papers and preconfigured sessions of three or four papers are welcome. Our goal is to ensure the contributions of participants engaged in interdisciplinary research to this discussion platform. Interested scholars are kindly asked to submit proposals for 15-minute presentations.

Deadline: June 10, 2021. Please send all proposals to the conference organizers: ctis@kapadokya.edu.tr

Conference Location: Virtual / Online